The Doctor on call service enables patients and doctors to reach each other to facilitate healthcare services by engaging with each other without getting out of bed. The Telemedicine service helps get online medical consultations, seek online doctor's advice, get online prescriptions, and also get online medicine delivery. It also facilitates easy access to diagnostic services. Our objectives are to ensure healthcare accessibility to consumers, which is simple, transparent, and available anytime/anywhere.

Doctor on call has been used for many years to provide medical care to patients who live in remote areas. Doctor on call makes it easier for patients to access care and extends the reach of medical professionals and facilities. Doctor on call has the unique advantage of being able to reach millions of patients in need due to the inadequate availability of healthcare facilities throughout India, both in rural and urban areas.

CSC Healthcare integrates cutting-edge technologies with the current system infrastructure. It supports remote viewing of clinical data, vital signs, and other interpreted data in real-time streaming.

By removing the computing complexity from backend systems and connecting doctors, patients, and the equipment remotely over the Internet, the S/W interconnect framework lowers costs for the patient.The Secure access to patient medical data from anywhere enables remote consultation and second opinion easier.


CSC healthcare helps companies modernize healthcare, reimagine processes and transform experiences so they stay ahead in a fast-changing world.