CSC Healthcare implements HMIS systems to better manage patients and resources well through best practices and world-class technology. By implementing the right HMIS solution, ordinary care centres get transformed into modern pen-free healthcare centres. Such HMIS help centres manage and share patient data with the respective departments to have a seamless patient care experience.

To cater to such needs of HMIS, CSC Healthcare professionally built HMIS, EMR & EHR is an integrated platform that brings all your information from various sources such as hospitals, clinics, department of health, diagnostic centres, personal wearable devices etc. to a single platform. Our solution offers in-system OCR, document repository, electronic prescribing, patients’ calendar, appointment management, mobile access and highly adaptable clinical features enhancing quality patient care delivery on a robust and extremely secure platform.

This comprises a platform that pulls together patient demographics, medical & clinical records, imaging & PACS, insurance & claims data, management information intelligence, patient relationship management portal, and billing in a unified manner.


In the rapidly developing healthcare market, hospital software enabled hospitals to handle large amounts of staff, physicians, operations, patients, and bills with minimal mistakes. The use of Hospital Management Systems is common in the healthcare business. As it is also regarded as the physician's genuine partner, hospitals must choose dependable hospital software.

Many hospitals across the world are moving to hospital software to handle everything from payment denials to patient payment collection to prescriptions and electronic medical records to all internal department administration. Medical record keeping software helps hospitals handle the entire process more efficiently.

Various challenges that hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions encounter are   Poor processing speed, rising storage costs for patient records, errors in medical records and bills, poor data security and retrieval ability, and problems adhering to quality and compliance.


Our Hospital Information Administration System's (HIMS) multi - speciality version functions as end-to-end software across the enterprise, covering all important aspects of operations and management in medium and large hospitals. It enables healthcare practitioners to improve functional efficiency, save costs and medical mistakes, and improve treatment and care quality.

CSC Healthcare’s HMIS is a cutting-edge comprehensive Health Information & Management System that integrates all HMIS systems, processes, and machines into an intelligent information system to improve operational efficiency and assist organisations in decision-making via MIS & analytics, allowing hospitals and doctors to better serve patients.

The primary goal of our HMIS is to establish a pen free hospital. It also aims to build and manage day-to-day operations such as IP & OP admission, patient discharge, doctor list, pharmacy, report creation, HR & Payroll, and so on. The system provides great data protection at all levels, as well as dependable storage and backup services.

Our HMIS offers extremely inventive, sophisticated, and unique features at a very low cost, making it incomparable to any traditional HIS software on the market. Furthermore, our HMIS functions flawlessly on all mobile devices. Its artificial business intelligence and analytics capabilities set it apart, and its process processes are fully compliant with NABH requirements.


After learning about the problems and features of Our HMIS, as well as some of the most important characteristics, let's look at some of the benefits that Our HMIS is certain to give to your hospital.

Improved overall performance Because all of the patient's data is collected and maintained in one web portal, doctors and medical personnel may access it at any time and from any location. This not only allows for speedy and error-free decision-making, but it also allows the doctor/practitioner to identify and solve any management concerns in their clinics, allowing them to enhance their clinical procedures.

Our HMIS will not only assist the hospital improve its day-to-day operations, but its data collecting functions will also give critical insights to management, allowing the institution to boost its income.

Cost Reduction
Our HMIS will automate everything, reducing the requirement for human resources. Furthermore, because everything would be recorded in the system, there will be no need for paper records, storage spaces, or other related items.

Greater Efficiency
Our HMS will automate practically all record-keeping and billing, and because all of this work will be performed by a machine, medical institutions can be confident that there will be no errors, misunderstanding, lack of interest, exhaustion, and so on.

Every day, our programme will complete the same kind of jobs innumerable times with 100% accuracy and unrivalled speed.

Errors are no longer a possibility
The system saves every prescription, test report, pharmaceutical detail, service fee, and drug pricing. This not only automates billing, but it also makes things faster and more error-free. Because all data is saved in the system, it can calculate the charges and send the bill to the patient.

End to End Data Security
One of the most significant advantages of utilising Our hospital management software is that it significantly improves data security. Medical data is sensitive information that must be handled with care and security. It is hard to maintain total security with paper documents, and there is also the risk of destruction from fires, floods, and other natural catastrophes.