Preventive healthcare refers to measures taken to prevent disease. Environmental factors, genetic predisposition, disease agents, and lifestyle choices all have an impact on disease and disability. CSC Healthcare Preventive Screening is a complete solution. Regular beneficiary screening is one of the most effective ways to detect and manage diseases in a large population. From start to finish, an IT-based solution with Realtime MIS Building and other construction boards (BOCW) for construction worker screening is provided.


Regular screening of the beneficiaries is one of the best ways to identify and manage diseases in a large population. Screening should be based on the risk factors involved in treating the disease. Screening is designed to support various government laws, acts, and health schemes.


CSC will implement a complete IT based solution from start to finish with Realtime MIS. The screening is performed through health camps at the doorsteps of beneficiaries. Diagnostic Screening, Lung Screening, Vision Screening, Renal Function Screening are applicable as per risks. CSC Healthcare centres will also provide comprehensive reports for post screening consultation.


The benefit of such a program will be primarily to achieve the Building and Other Construction Board (BOCW) for construction worker screenings. The Labour department will also be able to provide registered labour screening under labour welfare schemes. Industrial labour screening as per labour Act. Corporate/Govt offices manpower screening