Our NRHM programme is designed to operationalize Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) to deliver a range of healthcare services to populations living in distant, inaccessible, un-served and underserved locations, primarily with the goal of bringing healthcare service delivery to the population's doorsteps.


In Urban areas for habitations of marginalized communities (ragpickers, homeless, migrants) that live on the fringes of cities and towns do not get easy access to any healthcare facility, let that be a first aid.

In rural areas, the medical facilities or medical professionals are also unable to reach in areas with limited or a complete lack of access to health care services. Such areas include Tribal Areas, Conflict Affected Areas (Insurgency, Left Wing Extremism), Hilly and Desert Areas/Islands/flood affected.


Mobile Medical Units are designed to offer primary care for common illnesses, including communicable and non-communicable diseases, RCH services, conduct screening procedures, and link referrals to the best higher education institutions. Preventive, promotional, and outpatient curative treatment would have to be included in the services offered. Services similar to point-of-care diagnostics: Blood sugar, pregnancy tests, urine microscopy, albumin and sugar, Hb, diabetes, height/weight, RDT, vision testing, hypertension, and cancers can also be provided by these Mobile Medical Units.


This will enable CSC Healthcare to provide a range of health care services for populations living in remote, inaccessible, un-served and underserved areas mainly with the objective of taking healthcare service delivery to the doorsteps of the population.