CSC Healthcare has extensive global expertise in providing end-to-end solutions to healthcare providers and Governments of all capacities and specialisations. Our Health Services is a front-runner in healthcare information technology solutions that provides an end-to-end solution to hospitals, clinics & government health departments’ to enhance medical, economic and operational results. We provide services to both public and private hospitals, diagnostic centres, nursing homes, and medical teaching institutions. We offer Healthcare Informatics solutions from a single source.

To provide the best solutions to our customers our team of seasoned healthcare domain expertise specialists concentrates on Technology and Engineering solutions.
Ongoing R&D enables us to provide better and more relevant solutions to our valued customers, and after-sales assistance has helped us earn their faith in us.

Preventive Health Screening

Preventive healthcare consists of measures taken for disease prevention. Disease and disability are affected by environmental factors, genetic predisposition, disease agents, and lifestyle choices. The CSC Healthcare Preventive screening program is a complete solution to this preventive healthcare.

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First Connect

CSC healthcare’s First Connect is a rapid response service where we bridge the gap between the first aid and the patient. During any medical emergency, the most important time is the time taken between the accident/trauma to the First Aid. To not lose the most important life-saving hours, First Connect facilitates the first responders who can provide first aid to patients. It also connects the labs, ambulances & other healthcare service providers with the patient.

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Blood Bank

Blood banks are scarce in rural India and a significant disparity between urban and rural availability of blood banks. There is also a wastage of blood due to a lack of basic storage and transportation facilities. CSC Healthcare organizes mega awareness campaigns to create awareness in the rural population. To strengthen the blood collection and donations in rural India, CSC healthcare will incentivize the CSC VLE.

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CSC Healthcare implements HMIS systems to better manage patients and resources well through best practices and world-class technology. By implementing the right HMIS solution, ordinary care centres get transformed into modern pen-free healthcare centres. Such HMIS help centres manage and share patient data with the respective departments to have a seamless patient care experience.

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Mobile Medical Units

CSC Healthcare will deploy Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) to provide a variety of healthcare services to populations living in remote, inaccessible, un-served, and underserved areas, with the primary goal of bringing healthcare service delivery to the population's door. These MMUs are scheduled to travel six days a week, making it easier for those living in distant areas to detect illnesses at an early stage. These checkups will involve blood sugar, blood pressure, and haemoglobin monitoring, as well as 40 or more preventative health factors and medication.

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